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Career Pilot Courses

In Newbury, MA, there is only one name to consider when searching for a flight school for commercial flight training. Port Instrument Flight School is a highly recognized and advanced aviation training school for a growing and diverse client base.

Career flight training is essential for candidates with no flying experience to advanced clients who are aiming to obtain their Certified Flight Instrument Instructor and Certified Flight Instructor Ratings (CFII & CFI).

Whatever your objectives may be, our career flight school training courses and programs will deliver a comprehensive and advanced curriculum to give you the skills and knowledge to pass your certification tests. Here are some of the features included in our courses:

• Complete and Rigid Training Curriculum—We know how important it is to have an ordered and organized training curriculum for the benefit of our clientele. Thus, we make sure that you receive quality training following our complete course curriculum in a typical classroom setting. You can choose from short-term courses to more comprehensive and long-term programs.

• Hands-On Field Instruction—We have professional career flight trainers who have experience and expertise in the field of aviation. Our aim is not just to provide a rigid training class for the latest input, but also to teach our trainees on-site for hands-on and practical application. This will give you a feel of what flight training is all about and boost your confidence in the field.

• Versatile and Tailored Courses—Our promise is to deliver courses and training programs based on the needs and requests of our clients. You can choose from our flight training courses and programs, which we customize to fit your training demands, special requirements, and between ratings.

If you are looking to advance your career by taking career pilot courses, call Port Instrument Flight School in Newbury, MA, to speak to one of our knowledgable flight instructors.