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​Summer Aviation Classes

Port Instrument Flight School is the leading summer ground flight school in Newbury, MA, offering a wide range of personal flight lessons and career aircraft training. We have an ever-growing client base seeking a comprehensive and advanced flight training facility.

We take pride in our summer ground school, where you can learn from the best and experience flight simulation using highly advanced and top-of-the-line facilities. Our commitment is to help you achieve your Certified Instructor Rating, whether you have zero experience or are working at an advanced level.

Here are some of the reasons why we are considered the number one summer ground school:

• Superior Facilities in an Airport Setting—Our flight school is based in Plum Island Airport, so you are already on-site for enriching and comprehensive educational training. This ideal venue will help boost your confidence as you become accustomed to seeing huge fleets and aircrafts, especially if you are an amateur trainee.

• Certified and Seasoned Instructional Staff—We boast a team of flight instructors who are licensed and have years of experience in the aviation industry. You can learn the best tips and techniques from our professional instructors—things you would not find in most aviation books and journals, as this is firsthand advice based on experience.

• Upgraded Facilities, No Upgrades in Fees—With our continuous commitment to providing quality flight training without expensive training fees, we have matched our training packages with the most competitive and affordable rates. You can choose the flight training programs and courses that ideally suit your needs and, most importantly, your budget.

As a renowned and licensed summer ground school, Port Instrument Flight School continues to be the premier training source for future aviation experts. Register for one of our personal flight or career flight training programs for skill enhancement or certification purposes today. If you are interested in our summer aviation classes, call Port Instrument Flight School in Newbury, MA, for more information.