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flight schoolPort Instrument Flight School, based in Newbury, MA, is a premier provider of top-quality and up-to-date career flight training and personal flight training courses. The number of students continues to increase as we constantly renew our commitment to providing first-class and competitive aviation training.

Our organization aims to provide high-quality personal flight training and career flight training to help our students obtain their private or career pilot licenses. We are also committed to preserving and restoring the historic character of the Plum Island Airport. Our flight school follows a first-class curriculum while striving to educate the public about the airport’s history.

As a dedicated and experienced summer ground school, we offer not just education and input through our flight training and sessions, but also firsthand experience from our professional trainers and instructors who are renowned figures in the field of aviation. Port Instrument Flight School in Newbury, MA, is the premier flight school in the region with more than just education as our target. Call us now for more details.

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